Print Information | Elegant Fine Art: Fuji Flex Supergloss Crystal Archive Fine Art Prints

Fuji Flex supergloss prints are a quality professional photographic medium. The unique polyester base of Fuji Flex provides an ultra high gloss pearlescent appearance that creates depth and dimensionality. Fuji Flex prints have vibrant colors that are deep and rich due to the very large color gamut. These prints are mounted on a thin, rigid, archival backing board and are only available in sizes up to 36 inches wide. Fuji Flex prints are loose prints that require framing prior to display. For a ready to hang piece, please consider my Lumachrome or Chromaluxe options above.

kaleidoscope, fuji flex paper, crystal archive, fine art print
  • High gloss pearlescent appearance
  • Vibrant colors with large color gamut
  • Available up to 36 inches wide
  • Requires framing